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Many excellent brochures are available on a variety of thyroid topics. They serve best to give you an overview of a particular thyroid problem. A next level of understanding can be obtained from this and other thyroid websites. But if you have a thyroid problem, we urge you to read one of the books for thyroid patients that provide much more background information, information about related disorders, and reviews of standard treatment.

All these resources may be lacking in information about new discoveries and current research. For these you should consult a thyroid specialist who is up to date with new information.

Foreign language brochures and bulletins are available. The Thyroid Foundation of Canada has an excellent set of brochures in French and The Thyroid Foundation of Japan has an excellent book about the thyroid for patients in Japanese. The Thyroid Foundation of America has brochures about hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism in Spanish.

There are many organizations for thyroid patients in other countries who have thyroid information in other languages. The Thyroid Federation International has information about these other resources.

Many well written patient brochures are also available on the patient education site of the America Thyroid Association Web page. These superb educational resources can be down-loaded and shared with your physician and friends who have thyroid problems.

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