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The Thyroid Sourcebook by M. Sara Rosenthal Ph.D. Lowell House Los Angeles 2000.

Sometimes the best person to ask about a medical condition is someone who has suffered through it themselves. M. Sara Rosenthal’s book is much like that. A lay person who is a veteran of thyroid problems, a sociologist and a bioethicist Rosenthal has faced many of the same questions that thyroid patients need to have answered, with the conviction of one who has been cured. Ms Rosenthal’s book is both well-researched and based on the advice of thyroid experts, as well as personal experience. This book is a great bridge between physician and patent, and is a comfort for those who may be intimidated by more clinical resources. (293 pgs. With an appendix of thyroid organizations) 4th edition.(Available through TFA.)

The Thyroid Cancer Book by M. Sara Rosenthal, Ph.D. Sarahouse Press Canada 2003

Rosenthal’s second thyroid book expands thyroid self-help by focusing specifically on thyroid cancer. Rosenthal uses science, psychology, and a good dose of humor to guide those with thyroid cancer through their dilemma. She also includes low iodine recipes for those about to undergo radioiodine treatments. As a thyroid cancer survivor, Rosenthal has an intimate knowledge and a comforting understanding that should help anyone who may be anxious about their condition. (184 pgs.)

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