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Your Thyroid, A Home Reference by Lawrence Wood M.D., David S. Cooper M.D., and Chester Ridgway M.D. Balantine Books, New York, New York, 3rd Edition copyright 1995.

Written in collaboration with TFA President Dr. Lawrence Wood, Your Thyroid a Home Reference is a one stop source for patients and others who wish to know more about the thyroid and its maladies. Written in straight forward language, this volume helps to de-mystify the complications that can result when one develops a thyroid affliction. While covering a lot of ground, Your Thyroid tackles each thyroid problem with simple analysis and an explanation of medical jargon. Your Thyroid also humanizes thyroid conditions with supporting stories from actual patients. For anyone who wants to better understand thyroid problems, this book is a great place to begin. The third edition has been revised and updated. (244 pgs. Illus. with graphs drawings and clinical photos) Available through TFA

The Thyroid Guide by Beth Ann Ditikoff M.D. and Paul LoGerfo M.D.
Harper Collins Publisher’s Inc. New York, New York 2000.

The Thyroid Guide concentrates on specific thyroid problems: hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodules, cancer, and surgery. Written by two thyroid surgeons this book gives an overview of the thyroid and its functions, choosing a thyroid surgeon, medications, pediatric thyroid and pregnancy complications. Understanding the frequent questions asked by thyroid patients, this study is an utilitarian reference that will help patients understand diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of a healthy thyroid. (171 pgs., Illus. with drawings) Available through TFA

Your Thyroid Gland: Guide for Thyroid Patientsby Gary W. Edelson M.D., Michael Garcia M.D., Michael M. Kaplan M.D., Donald A Meier M.D., and Charles I.Taylor M.D. Harper Collins Publishers Inc. New York, New York 3rd edition 1993

(Your Thyroid Gland, is a slim volume that supplies concentrated information in individual chapters for patients with questions about their specific thyroid problems.) Filled with clinical photographs and common questions in bold type, this book will help to fill in the gaps between physician and patients by answering common questions and illustrating medical success with before and after photographs, for each thyroid malady. (46 pgs. Illustrated with b/w photos) Available through TFA

Thyroid Cancer: A Guide for Patients edited by Douglas Von Nostrand M.D. FACP, FACNP, Gary Bloom, and Leonard Wartofsky, M.D. MACP, Keystone Press, Baltimore, Md. 2004.

Contracting thyroid cancer is an overwhelming and stressful event. The best way to counter fear and begin the road to health is with accurate information. This book covers all aspects of thyroid cancer and its remedies in chapters written by leading thyroid specialists and cancer doctors to give hope and information to those afflicted. More than just a clinical and scientific study, this book addresses individual concerns and includes the patient’s bill of rights. The advice found in this book by doctors, psychiatrists, and thyroid cancer survivors, show that this disease is usually controllable and ultimately curable. (337 pgs., illustrated with b/w photos)

Thyroid Disease, the Factsby R.I.S. Bayliss KCVO, MD, FRCP and W.M.G. Tunbridge MD, FRCP. Oxford University Press, Oxford 1991.

Much like Your Thyroid, A Home Reference, this book is an excellent review of thyroid issues for patients. Written by two top British Thyroidologists using a question and answer format, Thyroid Disease the Facts can help thyroid patients quickly find the answers to their own specific thyroid problems. Written for laymen, the authors explain thyroid conditions in simple metaphors: (Hypothyroidism is like a 45 R.P.M. record played at 33 1/3, hyperthyroidism is the opposite.) This book is a comfort for anxious patients. (134 pgs. Illustrated with photos and drawings) 3rd edition Paperback is still in print and available.

The Thyroid Book, A Book for Patients What goes Wrong and How to Beat It by Martin Surks M.D. St. Martin’s Press, New York 1993.

Another omnibus book concerning thyroid problems, Dr. Surks also explains thyroid tests, their need and usual cost. Pro-active in nature this edition explains how diagnosis is made and what patients need to be aware of in order to expedite their physician’s care and what to expect from their treatment. Also includes contacts for thyroid support groups. (192 pgs.) Available through TFA.

Could it be My Thyroid?By Sheldon Rubenfeld M.D. F.A.C.P., F.A.C.E., (Self-published) 2002

Another book for the un-initiated, Dr. Rubenfeld’s work is chock full of patient’s stories and explanations for those who suddenly develop thyroid complications, or suspect that they have developed them. Dr. Rubenfeld has also listed many celebrities and athletes who have had thyroid problems but are now healthy. This book demonstrates that thyroid problems affect people from all walks of life, and that sufferers should not feel they are alone in their plight, and assures patients that proper medical attention can return them to a normal and healthy life. (443. pgs illustrated with drawings and pictures) 2nd edition.

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