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In this site we are collaborating with four professional societies of thyroid physicians: The American Thyroid Association, The Endocrine Society, The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and The European Thyroid Association. Together we are developing a program which will offer media writers the chance to speak directly with experts in most areas of thyroidology. We will also try to put you in touch with patients to talk to you about their personal experiences, though we are not free to provide their names or contact information on the Internet.

Feel free also to contact the physician-directed patient support groups listed elsewhere as the Thyroid Collaborative this website.

In addition to the Collaborative, we also provide the names and Internet addresses of other thyroid related organizations that reflect a diversity of opinions about thyroid diagnosis and treatment. Since some information and opinions from these groups may be personal or anecdotal, you should consider sharing information obtained with thyroid physicians for their opinions of their validity, safety, usefulness, and applicability for thyroid patients in general.

It is our opinion that all groups have something to offer toward improving public awareness of thyroid disorders and emerging research that will benefit thyroid patients everywhere.

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