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Staying Well Ways to Wellness

Improve your health with Karen Faye's 5M plan

There is so much we can do to partner with our doctors to improve our own health. In months to come, I will be giving you wellness advice which you can employ to help yourself improve your well being. In this article I will be teaching you the very principles I used as I began my journey towards wellness.

The 5 areas one must work on to achieve wellness are easy. First you must understand them and work on them in the order they are listed to achieve optimum results. In months to follow, I will elaborate more on each area

The 5 Ms

The first M is MIND

Before you can accomplish any goal, you must set your mind to the task. If you are not mentally ready you will fail.

The second M is MOUTH.

What you eat or do not eat, affects every cell in your body, therefore the next M is mouth. Food is not an option; it is a prescription to nourish your tender and wonderful cells.

The third M is MOTION. (my favorite)

The body was meant to move and last a lifetime. What you don't use, you will surely lose! I will be giving you simple ways to exercise in the future.

The fourth M is MOTIVATION.

In order to stay focused toward your goal, you must maintain motivation. Again, we will be talking about this in the future.

The final M is MAINTENANCE.

Keeping the treasure of good health and maintaining good health is the ultimate goal, and in some ways is more difficult that than the process of getting there, therefore, we will speak to this issue frequently.

To your good health,