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Quality of life is reduced in patients with thyroid dysfunction and goiter

(July 2004)

The background of the study. Thyroid disorders are common, but many patients have few symptoms, and the effect on their quality of life is uncertain. This study assessed the quality of life in patients with thyroid disorders.

How the study was done. The study subjects were 275 women and 42 men, aged 18 to 85 years, who were evaluated for symptoms or because of abnormal test results suggesting the presence of a thyroid disorder. Thirty-six patients had overt hypothyroidism, 45 subclinical hypothyroidism, 27 overt hyperthyroidism, 18 subclinical hyperthyroidism, and 191 goiter. The patients were asked about mood, behavioral, and sleep problems and their opinion of their health; they completed two standardized questionnaires about physical and mental health. The results were compared with those obtained in two large population studies.

The results of the study. A substantial proportion of the patients in all groups reported mood and behavioral problems, sleep problems, and changes in perceived health during the previous year. The scores on the questionnaires were slightly lower than those in the normal subjects, and they were more abnormal in the patients with overt thyroid dysfunction than in those with subclinical thyroid dysfunction.

The conclusions of the study. Patients with thyroid dysfunction or goiter have decreased quality of life.

The original article. Bianchi GP, Zaccheroni V, Solaroli E, Vescini F, Cerutti R, Zoli M, Marchesini G. Health-related quality of life in patients with thyroid disorders. Qual Life Res 2004;13:45-54.

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