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One Gray Hair

July 17, 2003

Did you know that having just one gray hair before the age of 30 can mean you and you family members have an increased risk for developing thyroid dysfunction?

Thyroid Dysfunction and Prematurely Gray Hair

It has been common medical knowledge for years that individuals who gray prematurely (one gray hair before age 30) are at increased risk for thyroid dysfunction. This means that the genes for thyroid dysfunction tend to be found on the side of the family where relatives have been prematurely gray.

Unfortunately, many doctors are unaware of the association between gray hair and thyroid dysfunction. Furthermore many physicians do not know the true color of patient’s hair. Hair color products make it difficult to tell and the topic may be too embarrassing for a physician to discuss comfortably. Often times the only people who know a patient’s actual hair color are the patient and her stylist!

An Educational Initiative - "One Gray Hair"

With this in mind, the Thyroid Foundation of America and Daryl Christopher Salons of Boston developed the educational program "One Gray Hair." After being educated by TFA about the connection between prematurely gray hair and thyroid dysfunction, Daryl Christopher stylists will in turn educate their clients about this connection.

TFA would like to thank Daryl Christopher owner Angela Guido and her staff of expert stylists for their enthusiastic participation in "One Gray Hair." TFA praises the genuine concern shown for the well-being of their clients.

Did You Know?
More common in women than men, it affects about 3.2% of women and 0.32% of men in the United States.
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