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The Thyroid Foundation of America is pleased to support Joan Shey and the Light of Life Foundation’s public awareness program about thyroid nodules and tumors. Our Web site has been designed to provide education and support for anyone with a thyroid problem and we urge you to explore the site on your own.

The following are specific articles related to the program.

How TFA Can Help:

The Thyroid Foundation of America was created to provide information and support to anyone with a thyroid problem. Because of the need for ongoing education in conditions like thyroid cancer, TFA has created a program of lifelong education which will keep you up-to-date about your thyroid concern whether it be cancer, hypothyroidism, medications, or new methods of diagnosis and treatment. Continuing education is available as part of TFA’s membership program which includes your choice among thyroid books written for patients, brochures, other thyroid articles, and a subscription to The Bridge, our quarterly newsletter.

If you still have additional concerns or urgent needs, you can telephone our Thyroid Information Specialists, who can provide you with additional thyroid information or help you with a referral to a thyroid specialist. (800-832-8321)

We congratulate Joan Shey and the The Light of Life Foundation for their wonderful program of outreach to individuals with thyroid nodules and cancers.

Links to other resources available:

Did You Know?
The children born to mothers with hypothyroidism did less well on a variety of intelligence tests, and had an average IQ that was 7 points lower.
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